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Check Your Transmit Rate

In case you are wondering about the signal quality of your WiFi (WLAN) there’s an easy check for that. Just press the alt-key while you click on the AirPort status symbol in the menu bar with your mouse. Now you can see the “Transmit Rate”. The rate will vary depending on your wireless protocol (802.11 a/b/g/n) and other factors. But at least you know if you’re getting the full possible signal strength or if you should change your setup to improve the signal. 802.11g should give you speeds of 54 Mbps max and 802.11n either 130 or 300 Mbps max, depending on your n-specifications.

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Create A Powerline Network

Some people are just not into wireless networks or have annoying receptions issues. If you’re one of them the Powerline XAV2501 from Netgear might be your solution. It’s a bit bulky but provides decent network speeds of up to 200 Mbit/s and gives you back the power socket it uses to pump the Internet through your electric wires. A push on the button on the side encrypts your local network and keeps your data from neighbours with a similar system. The price for two XAV2501 Powerline adapters is roughly 70 bucks. The manufacturer doesn’t say how many units you may connect. On the good side the power consumption is really low when the thing is active or in standby mode!

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Control iTunes with iPhone

Remote gives you control over iTunes using your iPhone. Pair the two on your wireless home network and you can adjust the volume, play and pause the current song or chose a different album. Very useful when your stereo is connected to your Mac or you’re using Apple’s Airport Express to stream music to different rooms. Remote is free.

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Airport Express

Apple’s Airport Express has been around for quite some time now. But it is still a great solution for streaming music wireless from iTunes to your stereo system. Or to integrate a printer into your home network. The little white brick can also feature as a router when you are traveling and want to set up a wireless network somewhere. It supports the latest “n”-draft. Get the Airport Express for 99 US-dollars or 89 euros (German store) if you like.

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