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Protect Your Data With The Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield for the iPhone is free to try and after a week you can chose to pay per month ($0.99) or for a whole year ($9.99). Your money will get you a secure (encrypted) VPN connection to a proxy server in the US. This means all data send via public hotspots (like e-mails and passwords) is secure. Plus you can sneak past geo-blocking websites and iPhone apps to access US-only content outside the United States. Hey, there’s a Mac version as well!

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Secure Easy VPN-Network

Thanks to the help of LogMeIn Hamachi Mac users (hey, Windows and Linux users too!) can set-up a secure private network (VPN) over the Internet in seconds. After installing the Hamachi client it takes one click to start the software and another click to create a network. Everyone on the world wide web who knows your network name and password can now connect to your computer as if they were in the same local network. LogMeIn Hamachi is free for private use. Also works with Apple’s Screen Sharing feature.

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