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Control your Mac with TeamViewer

Probably the easiest solution to remotely (i.e. via the world wide web) check and manage your Mac while sitting on another Mac or PC. TeamViewer is easy to set up (just install the thing on the two machines you want to connect) and it gives you a unique user ID plus password. Now you’re good to go. For private use the tool is even free!

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Remote Mac Management

Looking to connect and control your Mac remotely (VNC)? There are several different ways! One is through another Mac on your local network. Just head over to your “System Preferences” –> “Sharing” and activate “Screen Sharing”. Now select “Computer Settings…” and tick “VNC viewers may control screen with password.” Set a password and you’re done! The Mac now shows up on your network list in the Finder of other Macs and you can control it like your own machine. The second control option is via your iPhone or iPad. For example with Remoter. If you want to connect to your Mac through the Internet (again using another Mac or iPhone) you have to know what you’re doing. There is a pretty detailed guide on this page. The easier road is through Hamachi. In case you need to control your Mac from a Windows machine, give Team Viewer a try! It’s free for private use and works like a charm.

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