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Airport Express

Apple’s Airport Express has been around for quite some time now. But it is still a great solution for streaming music wireless from iTunes to your stereo system. Or to integrate a printer into your home network. The little white brick can also feature as a router when you are traveling and want to set up a wireless network somewhere. It supports the latest “n”-draft. Get the Airport Express for 99 US-dollars or 89 euros (German store) if you like.

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Air Video

This nifty solution streams all sorts of video formats from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad. After installing the free required software on your computer and your iPhone you can set up a video folder which is accessible from the iPhone. Your Mac will convert the video live while streaming it (full screen) to the iPad or iPhone. The only downside to this is the massive CPU load it takes for streaming and converting the video file at the same time. Pretty cool though! App price: $2.99 or €2,39

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