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iPhone Configuration Utility

This piece of software lets you create, maintain, encrypt, and install configuration profiles on one or several iPhones. Administrators can install provisioning profiles and authorized applications. iPhone Configuration Utility is also useful to edit settings for VPN, Wi-Fi, APN and change parameters for Exchange accounts, mail settings, and certificates. Licence: Freeware

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As the name implies, this program keeps track of all computers Apple builds. Mactracker includes detailed information on many sorts of things: Processors, components, year built and expansion slots. Useful if you need to find out which type of RAM and how much you can fit in your machine. Or which graphics cards are supported, in case you want to upgrade it. All that information comes free and you can have it in an iPhone app as well!

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A Bean for writing

There are many word processing tools for Mac users out there. Microsoft Word, NeoOffice and Open Office being the most prominent. But if you are looking for a small, lightweight writing solution Bean might just do it for you. It’s simple open source and handles Word (doc and docx), the rtf-format and .odt. So you are covered regarding different file formats. The novel you have to write yourself.

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Take screenshots in Mac OS

Take a picture of the whole screen: command + shift + 3 (command = ⌘-key).

Take a picture of a part of the screen: command + shift + 4

Take a picture of a program window: command + shift + 4 + space

Screenshots are saved to your desktop as PNG files. You can also use the system tool “Grab” for screenshots. It’s located in the utilities folder.

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coconutBattery Gives You The Details

Helpful battery tool, which lets you know everything there is to know about your MacBook’s juice pack. coconutBattery gives you the current maximum capacity in relation to the original capacity. It also tells you about the battery’s load cycles and about the age of your Mac. Free!

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