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Keep Track with TrailRunner

Feature rich application to plan and manage your workout routes, hiking trips and bicycle tours. You can import GPS data (GPX, TCX, KML) from your iPhone and other devices or your workout routes from the Nike+ Sportband. Create routes on your Mac and export them to your iPhone. TrailRunner supports services like Google Earth, openStreetMap and sites such as GPSies.com and EveryTrail.com.  It also handles GPX and Polar HMR data and keeps track of your workout schedule. TrailRunner is Freeware.

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Apple RSS Feeds

Are you keen on news from Apple? Then head right over to their extensive collection of rss feeds. You find feeds for the iTunes Store, Apple hot news, developer connection, troubleshooting, seminars, the App store and other topics. There is something for every Apple user – see for yourself! You can use most browsers or one of the many free rss readers out there to subscribe.

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Looking for… ⌘ ☃ ☂ ☕ ✂ ☛ ♻ ℃ …Symbols?

If for some reason you need characters and symbols – here is how to use them on your Mac:

Go to “System Preferences”, “Input Sources” and tick “Unicode Hex Input” as well as “Keyboard & Character Viewer”.

You should now have a flag symbol sitting in your menu bar and the option to show the “Character Viewer”. There you go, all the symbols you could wish for!

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Take screenshots in Mac OS

Take a picture of the whole screen: command + shift + 3 (command = ⌘-key).

Take a picture of a part of the screen: command + shift + 4

Take a picture of a program window: command + shift + 4 + space

Screenshots are saved to your desktop as PNG files. You can also use the system tool “Grab” for screenshots. It’s located in the utilities folder.

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