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MagicPrefs for Magic Devices

Mac useres unhappy with Apple’s meagre system preferences for the Magic Mouse, MacBook Trackpad (glass Trackpad only) or the Magic Trackpad may now turn to MagicPrefs for a solution. The gratis preference pane offers plenty of options to configure the input devices to your liking. Among different taps, clicks and gestures you can choose to invert scrolling, enable capslock notifications and speed up the tracking speed.

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Apple Battery Charger

This is Apple’s answer to all the batteries you need to power your Cupertino designed accessories. For example the Magic Mouse, Wireless Keyboard and the the Magic Trackpad. The charger comes with six rechargeable (NiMH) batteries and Apple promises  they hold a charge “for an incredibly long time”. Well, for US$ 29 it’s not even that expensive and you can fill up your batteries in style!

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