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How To Fix Your Mac

Mac users who want to upgrade or repair a Mac find all the necessary information at ifixit.com. The site offers extensive repair guides for most Mac models and iPhones, including many pictures and a list of the tools required. The manuals are free and there is a vibrant community helping with troubleshooting and answers on all sorts of related topics.

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Check Your Registered Apple Products

In case you’re wondering which products you registered with Apple over the years or need to deregister a Mac because you are selling it – here is the page you’re looking for. Sign in with your Apple ID and edit your list of Macs, iPhones, iPads etcetera or look up their serial numbers. You can obviously also register a new Mac.

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Apple RSS Feeds

Are you keen on news from Apple? Then head right over to their extensive collection of rss feeds. You find feeds for the iTunes Store, Apple hot news, developer connection, troubleshooting, seminars, the App store and other topics. There is something for every Apple user – see for yourself! You can use most browsers or one of the many free rss readers out there to subscribe.

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Air Video

This nifty solution streams all sorts of video formats from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad. After installing the free required software on your computer and your iPhone you can set up a video folder which is accessible from the iPhone. Your Mac will convert the video live while streaming it (full screen) to the iPad or iPhone. The only downside to this is the massive CPU load it takes for streaming and converting the video file at the same time. Pretty cool though! App price: $2.99 or €2,39

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