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Super Easy File Exchange

This is a neat new feature in Mac OS X Lion: Activate AirDrop in the sidebar (by selecting it) on two or more Macs and they will automatically establish a wireless connection between each other. You can then send files from one Mac to the other by dragging a picture or document or video to the appropriate user icon. No need to join the same WiFi, activate file sharing or worry about passwords. AirDrop does it for you!

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Customise Mail’s E-Mail Alert

Just in case you’re the customising type, Apple Mail lets you choose your own “New message sound” in Mac OS X Lion. It is done via Mail Preferences –> General and New message sound. At the bottom you will find the option Add/Remove where you can select your favourite tunes and sound bites to play each time a new e-mail has arrived. Nice touch, Apple.

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Finder View Settings In Lion

The new Lion Finder doesn’t show you file and folder sizes any more (or the number of files in a folder) by default. Also the file path is gone as is the slider to adjust the icon size in Finder’s icon view. Don’t worry you can bring it all back! Select the Finder and click on “View” in the top menu bar. There you’ll find “Show Path Bar” and “Show Status Bar”. Select the two and you’re up and running!

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Open Web Links In Quick Look

Quick Look is a great tool to quickly look at pictures, Word documents, PDFs, movies and other files without opening their respective programmes. Apple’s Quick Look also supports web links in Lion. Just select a link you saved on your desktop or so with one click and press the space bar. Quick Look will now open the related website or file in a simple window. Tapping the space bar again will close the window.

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A Bootable Lion USB Stick

While installing Mac OS Lion via Apple’s App Store is easy, reinstalling Lion on a clean hard drive is not. A new installation requires access to the App Store (or at least a Internet connection). So if your hard drive just died you are really in trouble. This is where a (home made) bootable Lion partition on a USB stick (8GB) comes as a real life saver. Here is how you create it: 1/ Locate the Lion installer package after downloading it from the App Store (before actually installing Lion). 2/ Right-click and open “Show Package Contents”. 3/ Look for the folder “ShareSupport” and locate the file “InstallESD.dmg”. 4/ Copy (don’t move) that file to another location and open Disk Utility or Carbon Copy Cloner. 5/ Using Disk Utility select “InstallESD.dmg” and do a “Restore” onto your freshly Mac formatted USB stick. (Remember to use that stick as a Lion boot disk only!) You now have a backup Lion system on your stick.

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Show Hidden Library In Lion

In Mac OS X Lion Apple has hidden the user library, which used to be located at Users/Your Username/Library. But sometimes it is necessary to dig into that folder to delete preference files, obsolete application support folders, print drivers et cetera. A quick way to do just that is to go to “Finder” select “Go” from the menu bar and press the Alt-Key (Option Key). The invisible library folder will show up in the window as long as you hold the alt key and you can select it and navigate its contents. You can also drag the library folder to your side bar for quick access.

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App Store Refuses Lion Download

Mac users who have the Lion Golden Master developer seed installed may get the following message when trying to download Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store: “A newer version of this app is already installed on this computer.” If you want to download the official App Store version anyway, just hold down the Option-Key (Alt-Key) while clicking “Buy App”. The App Store will skip the version check and download Lion right away.

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Recently Bought A Mac? Get Lion Free!

If you bought a new Mac between June 6 and July 20 of this year, you qualify for a free copy of Mac OS X Lion. You can redeem your copy of the new operating system via Apple’s Up-To-Date Program. You must order your copy of Mac OS X Lion within 30 days of the date of your purchase of a qualifying computer.

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