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Quickly Send Files And Folders To Multiple Macs

Apple introduced simplified file sharing with Mac OS X Lion, calling the feature AirDrop. However, if you’re not into Lion or your Mac isn’t supported and you don’t want to fiddle around to activate it anyway, get DropCopy! It does more or less the same thing as AirDrop offering even more transfer options and settings. There’s a free version for up to 3 Macs on a local network and a paid version ($25) if you want to connect more machines.

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Create A Powerline Network

Some people are just not into wireless networks or have annoying receptions issues. If you’re one of them the Powerline XAV2501 from Netgear might be your solution. It’s a bit bulky but provides decent network speeds of up to 200 Mbit/s and gives you back the power socket it uses to pump the Internet through your electric wires. A push on the button on the side encrypts your local network and keeps your data from neighbours with a similar system. The price for two XAV2501 Powerline adapters is roughly 70 bucks. The manufacturer doesn’t say how many units you may connect. On the good side the power consumption is really low when the thing is active or in standby mode!

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