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Sync iPhone With New Mac


So you bought a new Mac and now want to sync your iPhone to the new computer? Well, Apple doesn’t make that easy for you. So here’s how: Close iTunes on both Macs and copy the following folders/files from your old Mac to the new one:



/Username/Library/Application Support/MobileSync





Now you can sync the iPhone with the new Mac and merge the data. But be sure to backup first! By the way, thank Racker Hacker for this how-to!

P.S. The official way would be to use Apple’s “Migration Assistant” to accomplish the transfer.

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Create iPhone Ringtones

With a few clicks you can turn your favourite song into a ringtone for your iPhone:

1. Select a song in iTunes (if the file format is MP3 convert it to ACC by right-clicking on the selected song and choosing “Create AAC Version”).

2. Select the created AAC Version and press Cmd + i

3. Go to “Options” and check “Start Time” and “Stop Time”. Set the time code to the part of the song you want (30 seconds max).

4. Drag the song from the iTunes Library to your desktop and change the ending to .m4r

5. Now drag the renamed file back into iTunes and it will show up under “Ringtones” ready for the next iPhone sync.

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Control iTunes with iPhone

Remote gives you control over iTunes using your iPhone. Pair the two on your wireless home network and you can adjust the volume, play and pause the current song or chose a different album. Very useful when your stereo is connected to your Mac or you’re using Apple’s Airport Express to stream music to different rooms. Remote is free.

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iOS 4.2: Stream Music from your iPhone & iPad

With iOS 4.2 coming to iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad anytime soon, there are several great features to look forward to. One of them is AirPlay. AirPlay means you can now stream almost any audio source from your iPhone or iPad to an AirportExpress, Apple TV or a stereo supporting Apple’s new streaming standard. The relevant apps will let you set your iPhone or WLAN as output and start streaming. It works with links in Safari, YouTube, Radio apps… you name it. Video played with VLC on the iPhone is out of sync though at the moment.

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Add Artwork to Radio Stream in iTunes

For some unknown reason Apple doesn’t allow you to add artwork to radio streams in iTunes. But there is a way around it: Select the radio stream and press Cmd + i. Next give the stream an album name. After that you chose any song or audio file (for example an empty voice note) and give that file the same album name. You can now add a cover to this audio file and it will also be added to the radio stream. Remember to tick “Part of a compilation each time”.

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Airport Express

Apple’s Airport Express has been around for quite some time now. But it is still a great solution for streaming music wireless from iTunes to your stereo system. Or to integrate a printer into your home network. The little white brick can also feature as a router when you are traveling and want to set up a wireless network somewhere. It supports the latest “n”-draft. Get the Airport Express for 99 US-dollars or 89 euros (German store) if you like.

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