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How To Fix Your Mac

Mac users who want to upgrade or repair a Mac find all the necessary information at ifixit.com. The site offers extensive repair guides for most Mac models and iPhones, including many pictures and a list of the tools required. The manuals are free and there is a vibrant community helping with troubleshooting and answers on all sorts of related topics.

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Hidden GSM Codes on iPhone

Depending on your provider, there are many hidden network features you can use on your iPhone. For example you can set different time delays till your mailbox answers a call. You can also check your account balance or inclusive minutes. Just type in the GSM codes as if you where dialing a number on the iPhone. Some features need confirmation by pressing the call button. There are many codes out there. TUAW collects a useful list for US networks. In Germany T-Mobile provides a special page for their customers.

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Secret iPhone Emoticons

Some developers over at Apple have hidden more than 400 emoticons and other symbols in iOS3 and iOS4. To activate them, just download the App “Emoticons” or “Emoji Enabler” from the App Store (they are free) and follow the instructions. You might have to reboot your iPhone. Afterwards the smileys will show up as an additional keyboard in your normal text writing window. The secret emoticons can only be used between iPhone users.

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Micro for iPhone and iPod

Tiny microphone which plugs into the 3.5 mm headset socket of your iPhone or iPod (probably works with the iPad too). Useful if you take a lot of voice memos, because it starts your recording app right away (for example iTalk Recorder or Easy recorder) and you can put the iPhone in front if you on a table. The Eforcity Mini Microphone Recorder is yours for 6 bucks.

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Hotmail on your iPhone

Hotmail  accounts are popular. Even Mac users are happy with Microsoft’s free e-mail solution. If you are one of them and want to set it up on your iPhone, here is how: Select “add a new e-mail account” (pop3) on your iPhone. Enter your details and use the following server settings. Incoming server: pop3.live.com (port: 995). The outgoing server is smtp.live.com (port: 25). SSL is supported and you should authenticate with your password.

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