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Funny Siri Answers

It’s only been a few days since the iPhone 4S arrived. But already Siri’s humor (you know – Apple’s new personal assistant) is the latest talk of the town web. Just ask Siri random things and often enough you will get funny and witty answers. For example if you inquire about Siri’s looks she (or he) might answer “Shiny” or “In the cloud, no one cares what you look like.” The site shit that Siri says is committed to collecting Siri’s funniest answers. If you don’t feel too weird talking to a machine try having a little “conversation” with Siri. Surprising what she comes up with. By the way if you ask Siri she will say that she has no gender. However depending on the language you choose you get a male or female voice. The American Siri is female, the British Siri is male, the Australian female, the German Siri female and the French Siri is male.

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New Features Of iPhone 4S & Sample Pictures

Putting it in a nutshell: The six most important (new) features of the iPhone 4S are:

Dual Core processor (1 GHz) & powerful graphics / a pretty nice camera (8 Megapixels) check out Apple’s sample pics / Full HD Video (1080p; 30 fps) with video stabilisation (sample) / iOS 5 / iCloud storage and backups / Siri – the “intelligent assistant”. Details -> over here.

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