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Keep An Eye On Your Home Network

iNet helps you to check which devices are connected to your home network, gives you their IP, MAC address and scans for active services. Not a tool everyone needs, but great for nerds, paranoid Mac users and network admins. There’s a free iPhone version (really quite limited) and the fully functional app for a steep $5.99.

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Protect Your Data With The Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield for the iPhone is free to try and after a week you can chose to pay per month ($0.99) or for a whole year ($9.99). Your money will get you a secure (encrypted) VPN connection to a proxy server in the US. This means all data send via public hotspots (like e-mails and passwords) is secure. Plus you can sneak past geo-blocking websites and iPhone apps to access US-only content outside the United States. Hey, there’s a Mac version as well!

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abcNotes: Classic Sticky Notes On Your iPhone

This note taking app adds a cool “touch” to the digital world of the iPhone by making the Post-it notes seem almost real. You can move ‘em, rotate ‘em, scale ‘em and chose from all sorts of colours, shapes, fonts and backgrounds. abcNotes gives you a total of 15 virtual desktops to organise your notes. Other features include syncing to other iOS devices and export via e-mail). The universal app is yours for $2.99.

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The Beauty Of European Wildlife

Here’s a breathtaking collection of some 2400 wildlife pictures (including short descriptions of what you’re seeing). Thanks to Fotopedia Wild Friends you may enjoy all this animals and plants of the European continent on your iPhone or iPad. At the moment the app is even free. The initiative Wild Wonders of Europe wants to raise awareness for the “conservation of habitats and species for the health of the planet and for our own pleasure.”

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A Photo Effect Studio On Your iPhone

There are millions thousands of iPhone photo apps out there and finding the right one is a tough call. Photo Effect Studio however manages to pack most of the (iPhone) photographer’s needs into a pleasant interface.

Editing: brightness, contrast, saturation, detail, colour temperature and tint.

Tools: Rotation, crop (different ratios) and borders (mostly ugly ones).

Filters: 81 effects (mostly good ones) such as Classic, Vintage, Art and B&W.

Export to: Album, Facebook, Flickr or E-Mail.

For only 99 US cents you might as well give it a shot. Now if they could only redesign the icon, please!

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iPhone 4S vs Canon 5D MKII

Nice comparison of the video capabilities of the iPhone 4S versus the Canon 5D Mark II. The cameras shoot both at the same time side by side. Settings are matched as closely as possible. The footage is not bad for a mobile phone. But see for yourself.

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Wikihood People: Get To Know Your Neighbours!

Neat tool to improve your cultural and historical knowledge of famous people. Wikihood People is from the makers of Wikihood and instead of telling you about buildings and other POIs in a city, it tells you about the celebrities who lived or worked here. We’re talking about writers, poets, engineers, everyone! You can sort the findings by relevance, distance, living and deceased persons. There’s a free version of this app and Wikihood People Plus, which relates people to global locations, cultural activity and related companies.

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GoatUp Your Way To The Top

How retro cute is this! In GoatUp you’re a little pixel-goat trying to “raise a family” by eating lots of grass and kissing the billy goat. While doing that you should keep jumping and be careful not to fall of the screen. Also: be wary of various enemies! It’s fun, not as easy as it sounds and definitely worth the 2 bucks if you are into retro graphics and tacky sound effects.

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When You Visit New York…

…and want to know what is going on in the city that never sleeps, download the iPhone app Goings On: The New Yorker! Search “By Location” or “By Date” take a look at the “Critics’ Picks” and manage your “Favorites”. The app is a little slow but resourceful and packs all the events in a cute individual design. The “guide to New York City culture” is free. And thanks to the integration of Google Maps you know where you’re heading.

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Save Web Sites As PDFs On Your iPhone

Print to PDF, designed for the iPhone and iPad, is very handy tool when you want to save a web page for later or to read an article offline.  Just open the site in Safari and tap the arrow at the bottom to bring up the menu options. Tap “Print” and choose “Print to PDF” as your printer. The app now saves the site and you can access it in Print to PDF. You can do the same with e-mails by the way (saves the whole conversation). Doesn’t work perfectly with all sites, but still a great archiving and offline utility. ($3.99)

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Instant Translation

Worldictionary is one nifty app! Just point your iPhone camera at a printed word in a magazine and the tool will instantantly analyse and translate it. Accuracy and speed are pretty impressive. Worldictionary supports English, Spanish, French, Italian and German among other languages. The app uses Google for translations and needs an Internet connection. Tap on the word and it comes up with further information such as synonyms. It’s quite worth the $4.99.

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iPhone Photo Transfer App

Well, this got to be the easiest way to transfer pictures off your iPhone and onto your Mac or another iPhone or iPad. Start the app and follow the given IP-address in your browser on the Mac. Now select the pictures and videos on your iPhone you would like to transfer and they appear as full resolution download links in the browser. There is also an option to download the whole bunch as a ZIP-file at once. The thing is universal and sets you back $2.99.

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Living Earth HD…

…is another cute weather app. It also doubles as a world clock. You get a great high definition globe in 3D and once you add your preferred cities to the list, you see the local time and current weather conditions. The clouds are rendered in real time (with a three hour delay). A tap on the weather icon brings up the forecast for the next few days. Living Earth HD costs 1.99 and runs on the iPad too.

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20 Minute Meals

Great cooking app with easy and tasty recipes by Jamie Oliver. You get step by step instructions with text, pictures and videos. A shopping list is included and Jamie Oliver shows you in a special video section how to cut garlic, fry a steak and what you need to know about spices. All packed in an amazing app design. Probably one of the nicest apps out there – 20 Minute Meals ($7.99).

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All-in Pedometer

Using the iPhone’s tilt sensor All-in Pedometer counts your steps while you walk or run. The app further calculates the distance you’ve covered as well as the speed and the calories you burned. It might not be the most precise way of measuring these parameters, but it works fairly well and keeps you motivated. One big setback though: All-in Pedometer doesn’t work in background mode. $1.99

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Picture Cookbook

With this app you get a great selection of 80 mostly light (and many Asian) recipes. All ingredients and cooking steps are beautifully photographed. The text is purely a backup. The app also explains the used food ingredients and spices. It looks best on the iPad of course but works on the iPhone too. The Photo Cookbook is well worth $4,99 if your like cooking. Trust me!

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