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Like Jazz? Check Out This Jazz Radio iPhone App

This public Swiss radio station streams classic Jazz music right onto your iPhone (or through iTunes for that matter – check out the website for details). And it does so without any fee on your side (unless you live in Switzerland) or advertising – a pretty good deal. If your are into that kind of music give it a shot and download their iPhone app fresh from the App Store!

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Easy File Exchange Between Mac And iPhone

Haven’t heard of Dropbox? It’s a free online storage. Something like Apple’s iCloud. The cool thing – apart from that lots of people use it already and it’s easy to set up – you can also use it to exchange files between your Mac and iOS device quickly. Just get the app for you iPhone (or iPad) and install the thing on your Mac too. The rest is simple drag-and-drop business and it goes both ways of course.

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Visit All 58 U.S. National Parks. Well, Sort Of

Stunning – this Fotopedia app delivers the beauty of U.S. National Parks straight to your iPhone/iPad. Browse through hundreds of amazing photographs and plan your next trip to one of the 58 National Parks. They’re all here: from Acadia to Zion, including Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and the Glacier National Park. Interested in downloading Fotopedia National Parks? Go! By the way, there’s a similar app on European Wild Life.

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Take Voice Memos On The iPhone

This app provides one of the fastest ways to take a vocal note. Simply start VoCal and hold the iPhone to your ear as if you where placing a call. The tool will automatically start recording and stops as soon as you put your iPhone down. You may then set a time and date and VoCal will push and play the recording back to you. Fast and easy note taking for quite a hefty price tag of $6.99.

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Watch Live Television On Your iPhone

There are several ways to watch live television on your iPhone. One of them, with a fairly good assortment of channels, is FilmOn. The (free) app delivers BBC One and BBC Two, among many other TV stations from different countries, straight to your iOS devices. Give it a go, if you like. Dude, it even comes with a TV guide!

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Watch iTunes Movie Trailers On Your iPhone

This app brings you the latest and greatest movie trailers right to your iPhone or iPad. Browse them by genre or look for a specific film. The app gives you an overview of current and upcoming movies, sorts them by date, Top 25 or a theatre near you (well, in the United States at least). You can mark your favourite films and theatres. iTunes Movie Trailers is free and provided by Apple. At the moment you find this app in the US App Store only.

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Find A Hotel Near You

Here is a good way to find a close hotel while you’re traveling. The free app Booking.com lets your search a particular city or hotels near your current location. You can sort the results by price, popularity, review score, hotel type and other options. It also shows you the location via Google Maps and lets you mark your favourite hotels. Booking a room via the app is pretty straight forward and you can check current bookings.

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Great Multimedia e-Book

This multimedia version of Al Gore’s book “Our Choice” is a sweet adaptation for the iPhone and iPad. It uses video clips, photos, animations, graphics and audio to help you grasp the problem of global warming. The navigation is intuitive and easy to use. The app also gives you an idea what real e-Books can offer contrary to simple digital versions of paper books. Our Choice is $4.99 at the moment.

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Visit The iAd Gallery

This is an app for people interested in advertising. Apple’s  iAd Gallery shows you all the latest iAds in one place. You can browse through new ads, search for brands, flick through categories or collect your favourites. Some of the campaigns are quite fun and interactive – like the BMW X3 ad. You can choose between different backgrounds, give the X3 your favourite colour or select the interior leather colour. And of course there are pictures and videos to go with. Nothing major, but entertaining (U.S. only).

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NetPortal Offers Remote Mac Access

Probably one of the best ways to remotely connect to you Mac from your iPhone is through NetPortal ($2.99). You can view and save files from your Mac on the iPhone while on the go. Setup on your local network is easy! For a secure connection over the Interent you should know what you’re doing and check out the official setup guide!

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Houzz, The Place For Interior Design Ideas

Are you are looking for home design ideas? Give Houzz a try! This app gives you over 100.000 photos and design ideas (ideabooks) to look at. You can browse this vast selection by style, room or location and mark your favourite pictures. It’s a great resource for inspiration and to develop your own ideas. Or simply enjoy and wipe through thousands of beautiful pictures. Houzz is free.

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Articles – The Wikipedia App

Winner of the 2010 Apple Design Award and hundreds of four-and-a-half-stars ratings… this is a beauty! The perfect combination between clear appealing design and function. You can pick the language of articles, read recent articles offline and lock the rotation. There’s a chapter index, the text size is adjustable and you may save links to other articles for later. Absolutely worth 2.99 bucks.

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Music à la WiFi2HiFi

Pretty self explanatory, right? WiFi2HiFi turns your iPhone into a wireless audio output for your Mac. All you have to do is download the free streaming server for Mac OS X and buy Wifi2HiFi for 99 cents. The setup via your WLAN is managed by the software. However, there is a streaming delay of four to five seconds. So this is really only for listen to music. Of course you may connect the iPhone to your stereo. So this thing lets your stream anything that iTunes via AirTunes won’t!

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Create Great Panoramas with AutoStitch

It’s easy and fun! Take as many overlapping pictures with your iPhone as you like, add them to AutoStitch Panorama and tap “stitch”. The App takes care of the rest (rendering is pretty fast) and crops the final result to a perfect picture. Really the best way to create impressive panoramas on the go if you ask me. $1.99 well spent!

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