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Check Your Registered Apple Products

In case you’re wondering which products you registered with Apple over the years or need to deregister a Mac because you are selling it – here is the page you’re looking for. Sign in with your Apple ID and edit your list of Macs, iPhones, iPads etcetera or look up their serial numbers. You can obviously also register a new Mac.

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Control iTunes with iPhone

Remote gives you control over iTunes using your iPhone. Pair the two on your wireless home network and you can adjust the volume, play and pause the current song or chose a different album. Very useful when your stereo is connected to your Mac or you’re using Apple’s Airport Express to stream music to different rooms. Remote is free.

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Apple RSS Feeds

Are you keen on news from Apple? Then head right over to their extensive collection of rss feeds. You find feeds for the iTunes Store, Apple hot news, developer connection, troubleshooting, seminars, the App store and other topics. There is something for every Apple user – see for yourself! You can use most browsers or one of the many free rss readers out there to subscribe.

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Airport Express

Apple’s Airport Express has been around for quite some time now. But it is still a great solution for streaming music wireless from iTunes to your stereo system. Or to integrate a printer into your home network. The little white brick can also feature as a router when you are traveling and want to set up a wireless network somewhere. It supports the latest “n”-draft. Get the Airport Express for 99 US-dollars or 89 euros (German store) if you like.

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