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NetPortal Offers Remote Mac Access

Probably one of the best ways to remotely connect to you Mac from your iPhone is through NetPortal ($2.99). You can view and save files from your Mac on the iPhone while on the go. Setup on your local network is easy! For a secure connection over the Interent you should know what you’re doing and check out the official setup guide!

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Sync Any Folder Via Dropbox

Here is a smart little helper to sync any folder on your Mac you wish through Dropbox. The free tool is called MacDropAny and creates a symbolic link, without actually moving files and folders. Setup is as easy as it can get. Start your download here. To stop syncing a folder, delete the folder inside your Dropbox folder on your Mac.

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Houzz, The Place For Interior Design Ideas

Are you are looking for home design ideas? Give Houzz a try! This app gives you over 100.000 photos and design ideas (ideabooks) to look at. You can browse this vast selection by style, room or location and mark your favourite pictures. It’s a great resource for inspiration and to develop your own ideas. Or simply enjoy and wipe through thousands of beautiful pictures. Houzz is free.

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Control your Mac with TeamViewer

Probably the easiest solution to remotely (i.e. via the world wide web) check and manage your Mac while sitting on another Mac or PC. TeamViewer is easy to set up (just install the thing on the two machines you want to connect) and it gives you a unique user ID plus password. Now you’re good to go. For private use the tool is even free!

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Articles – The Wikipedia App

Winner of the 2010 Apple Design Award and hundreds of four-and-a-half-stars ratings… this is a beauty! The perfect combination between clear appealing design and function. You can pick the language of articles, read recent articles offline and lock the rotation. There’s a chapter index, the text size is adjustable and you may save links to other articles for later. Absolutely worth 2.99 bucks.

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Music à la WiFi2HiFi

Pretty self explanatory, right? WiFi2HiFi turns your iPhone into a wireless audio output for your Mac. All you have to do is download the free streaming server for Mac OS X and buy Wifi2HiFi for 99 cents. The setup via your WLAN is managed by the software. However, there is a streaming delay of four to five seconds. So this is really only for listen to music. Of course you may connect the iPhone to your stereo. So this thing lets your stream anything that iTunes via AirTunes won’t!

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Remote Mac Management

Looking to connect and control your Mac remotely (VNC)? There are several different ways! One is through another Mac on your local network. Just head over to your “System Preferences” –> “Sharing” and activate “Screen Sharing”. Now select “Computer Settings…” and tick “VNC viewers may control screen with password.” Set a password and you’re done! The Mac now shows up on your network list in the Finder of other Macs and you can control it like your own machine. The second control option is via your iPhone or iPad. For example with Remoter. If you want to connect to your Mac through the Internet (again using another Mac or iPhone) you have to know what you’re doing. There is a pretty detailed guide on this page. The easier road is through Hamachi. In case you need to control your Mac from a Windows machine, give Team Viewer a try! It’s free for private use and works like a charm.

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Remoter Controls Mac via iPhone

One of the best ways to control your Mac with your iPhone is Remoter. The app is pleasantly easy to set up. The Remote Desktop app (VNC) teams up with the Screen Sharing function build into Mac OS X (have a look in your system preferences under sharing). You can open/close applications or move files among many other things. Using Bonjour you’ll have your wireless desktop control running in seconds. Connecting through the Internet is slightly more tricky. You can find a tutorial over here. For $1.99 (currently 0.99) it’s a bargain!

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Living Earth HD…

…is another cute weather app. It also doubles as a world clock. You get a great high definition globe in 3D and once you add your preferred cities to the list, you see the local time and current weather conditions. The clouds are rendered in real time (with a three hour delay). A tap on the weather icon brings up the forecast for the next few days. Living Earth HD costs 1.99 and runs on the iPad too.

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20 Minute Meals

Great cooking app with easy and tasty recipes by Jamie Oliver. You get step by step instructions with text, pictures and videos. A shopping list is included and Jamie Oliver shows you in a special video section how to cut garlic, fry a steak and what you need to know about spices. All packed in an amazing app design. Probably one of the nicest apps out there – 20 Minute Meals ($7.99).

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All-in Pedometer

Using the iPhone’s tilt sensor All-in Pedometer counts your steps while you walk or run. The app further calculates the distance you’ve covered as well as the speed and the calories you burned. It might not be the most precise way of measuring these parameters, but it works fairly well and keeps you motivated. One big setback though: All-in Pedometer doesn’t work in background mode. $1.99

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Top 10 iPhone Apps 2010…

…selected by! It’s a tough call, but this are the top 10 iPhone apps for (not of) 2010. The selection process is simple: Used regularly, elegant design and ease of use.

20 Minute Meals (beautiful cook book, great recipes and kitchen essentials)

Picture Show (gives you lots of editing options for your pics)

AVPlayer (if you really want to watch a movie on the iPhone this is the app you need).

AutoStich (stitches photos to awesome panoramas together)

Awesome Note (take notes, organise projects and thoughts).

miCal (view your entries by day, week, month or year, many settings)

WhatsApp (send texts, pics, videos and locations to all major mobile platforms)

Navigon Navigator (great turn-by-turn navigation)

Convert (converts all units you could wish for)

CityMaps2Go (offline street maps for city trips abroad).

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Control iTunes with iPhone

Remote gives you control over iTunes using your iPhone. Pair the two on your wireless home network and you can adjust the volume, play and pause the current song or chose a different album. Very useful when your stereo is connected to your Mac or you’re using Apple’s Airport Express to stream music to different rooms. Remote is free.

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Create Great Panoramas with AutoStitch

It’s easy and fun! Take as many overlapping pictures with your iPhone as you like, add them to AutoStitch Panorama and tap “stitch”. The App takes care of the rest (rendering is pretty fast) and crops the final result to a perfect picture. Really the best way to create impressive panoramas on the go if you ask me. $1.99 well spent!

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