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Fast And Stylish Offline Translation App

Languages contains up to 12 complete language dictionaries. You can download the ones you want, they’re included in the $0.99 price. After the download you have access to a well designed, easy to use offline translator, which searches for a word as soon as you start typing. It includes both languages (of the currently active dictionary) in the search – for example English-Spanish/Spanish-English. This makes finding a word quite fast even if you’re not sure how to spell it correctly. The only downside of Languages is the fairly limited vocabulary but that can grow, right?

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Stylish News Feed Reader For iPhone & iPad

Beautiful and clean cut reader for feeds such as Google Reader subscriptions and RSS. Google Currents supports sharing articles through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Read It Later, Instapaper, Pinboard and other services. You can read articles offline and the universal app is free! It utilises Google trending to bring you the most recent stories of several categories like world, entertainment, sports and science. You need a Google account for this app though.

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The New YouTube App for iPhone

So Apple kicked YouTube out of iOS 6. That didn’t stop Google from offering their own app, which you can find over here. It’s pretty well done: You have several categories to browse through and everything feels sweet ‘n’ snappy. Navigation is crisp, while content loads fast. Good job!

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The Ultimate File Browser For Your Network

If you are into home networking and ultimate file access using your iPhone or iPad, check out Files Connect! It connects to your Mac or PC and network shares like AFP, WebDav, SMB, SFTP, DropBox or Google Docs. If you have a hard drive attached to your Airport Extreme you can set up your own Internet cloud. How cool is that! Of course you may also browse your local network or connect to a Mac via the Internet. The configuration is straight forward. The file exchange could be improved …but works. You can upload and download all sorts of files. All this connectivity costs you $4.99.

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Create A Secure Dropbox Folder With BoxCryptor

Dropbox offers a simple way to exchange files between Macs, PCs and iPhones/iPads, store files in the cloud or back things up. BoxCryptor adds one great feature by offering you a secure, i.e. encrypted folder (well, volume actually) in your Dropbox. There’s a limited free application for Mac, PC and iOS if you use the service for private purposes only. BoxCryptor helps you to create a volume in your Dropbox (looks like a regular folder), set a password and then secures your files with an AES-256 encryption. That way only you can access the volume. This might be handy for storing private documents like a copy of your passport and other travel documents while circling the globe.

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Easy WiFi Access At Airports With Skype Wifi

The app offers simplified access to over a million public WiFi hotspot around the world. You have to pay several cents per minute but you are online within a few taps. Skype WiFi (iPhone & iPad) uses your Skype account and Skype credit to go online. No need to register with each hotspot provider at airports, hotels, etc. and give them your credit card details. To use the service, click on a supported hotspot network and connect, make sure you have enough Skype credit! After 30 minutes auto disconnect kicks in but you can reconnect. If you want to stop surfing before the 30 minutes are up, you do that manually. Unfortunately not every WiFi provider is supported by the free app.

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Like Jazz? Check Out This Jazz Radio iPhone App

This public Swiss radio station streams classic Jazz music right onto your iPhone (or through iTunes for that matter – check out the website for details). And it does so without any fee on your side (unless you live in Switzerland) or advertising – a pretty good deal. If your are into that kind of music give it a shot and download their iPhone app fresh from the App Store!

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Easy File Exchange Between Mac And iPhone

Haven’t heard of Dropbox? It’s a free online storage. Something like Apple’s iCloud. The cool thing – apart from that lots of people use it already and it’s easy to set up – you can also use it to exchange files between your Mac and iOS device quickly. Just get the app for you iPhone (or iPad) and install the thing on your Mac too. The rest is simple drag-and-drop business and it goes both ways of course.

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Visit All 58 U.S. National Parks. Well, Sort Of

Stunning – this Fotopedia app delivers the beauty of U.S. National Parks straight to your iPhone/iPad. Browse through hundreds of amazing photographs and plan your next trip to one of the 58 National Parks. They’re all here: from Acadia to Zion, including Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and the Glacier National Park. Interested in downloading Fotopedia National Parks? Go! By the way, there’s a similar app on European Wild Life.

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Keep An Eye On Your Home Network

iNet helps you to check which devices are connected to your home network, gives you their IP, MAC address and scans for active services. Not a tool everyone needs, but great for nerds, paranoid Mac users and network admins. There’s a free iPhone version (really quite limited) and the fully functional app for a steep $5.99.

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Take Voice Memos On The iPhone

This app provides one of the fastest ways to take a vocal note. Simply start VoCal and hold the iPhone to your ear as if you where placing a call. The tool will automatically start recording and stops as soon as you put your iPhone down. You may then set a time and date and VoCal will push and play the recording back to you. Fast and easy note taking for quite a hefty price tag of $6.99.

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Turn Your Mac Into A (Plex) Media Centre

Interested in transferring your DVD collection to a Mac for easier access and nicer presentation? The open source project – Plex – is the place too start. The free software effortlessly manages your movie library and streams your flicks not only on your home network to other Macs, but to the iPhone and iPad too (there’s an app for that, you know). You can also set up secure film streaming via the Internet. One way to move all your DVDs to your Mac while ensuring flawless streaming and picture quality is MakeMKV. There are many options for ripping and encoding DVDs, however, Plex, the MKV video format (and a Mac Mini) make a great team as a media center!

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Watch Live Television On Your iPhone

There are several ways to watch live television on your iPhone. One of them, with a fairly good assortment of channels, is FilmOn. The (free) app delivers BBC One and BBC Two, among many other TV stations from different countries, straight to your iOS devices. Give it a go, if you like. Dude, it even comes with a TV guide!

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Protect Your Data With The Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield for the iPhone is free to try and after a week you can chose to pay per month ($0.99) or for a whole year ($9.99). Your money will get you a secure (encrypted) VPN connection to a proxy server in the US. This means all data send via public hotspots (like e-mails and passwords) is secure. Plus you can sneak past geo-blocking websites and iPhone apps to access US-only content outside the United States. Hey, there’s a Mac version as well!

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abcNotes: Classic Sticky Notes On Your iPhone

This note taking app adds a cool “touch” to the digital world of the iPhone by making the Post-it notes seem almost real. You can move ‘em, rotate ‘em, scale ‘em and chose from all sorts of colours, shapes, fonts and backgrounds. abcNotes gives you a total of 15 virtual desktops to organise your notes. Other features include syncing to other iOS devices and export via e-mail). The universal app is yours for $2.99.

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The Beauty Of European Wildlife

Here’s a breathtaking collection of some 2400 wildlife pictures (including short descriptions of what you’re seeing). Thanks to Fotopedia Wild Friends you may enjoy all this animals and plants of the European continent on your iPhone or iPad. At the moment the app is even free. The initiative Wild Wonders of Europe wants to raise awareness for the “conservation of habitats and species for the health of the planet and for our own pleasure.”

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Best iPhone App Of 2011

Apple is publishing what they consider the “best apps and games of the year.” This includes best iPhone app 2011, best iPhone game 2011 as well as the best iPad apps. The title for the best iPhone app goes to Instagram, the best iPhone game of 2011 is Tiny Tower. The best iPad app according to Apple is Snapseed and Dead Space claims the title of the best iPad game of the year. Check out last year’s winners over here.

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A Photo Effect Studio On Your iPhone

There are millions thousands of iPhone photo apps out there and finding the right one is a tough call. Photo Effect Studio however manages to pack most of the (iPhone) photographer’s needs into a pleasant interface.

Editing: brightness, contrast, saturation, detail, colour temperature and tint.

Tools: Rotation, crop (different ratios) and borders (mostly ugly ones).

Filters: 81 effects (mostly good ones) such as Classic, Vintage, Art and B&W.

Export to: Album, Facebook, Flickr or E-Mail.

For only 99 US cents you might as well give it a shot. Now if they could only redesign the icon, please!

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Watch iTunes Movie Trailers On Your iPhone

This app brings you the latest and greatest movie trailers right to your iPhone or iPad. Browse them by genre or look for a specific film. The app gives you an overview of current and upcoming movies, sorts them by date, Top 25 or a theatre near you (well, in the United States at least). You can mark your favourite films and theatres. iTunes Movie Trailers is free and provided by Apple. At the moment you find this app in the US App Store only.

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Wikihood People: Get To Know Your Neighbours!

Neat tool to improve your cultural and historical knowledge of famous people. Wikihood People is from the makers of Wikihood and instead of telling you about buildings and other POIs in a city, it tells you about the celebrities who lived or worked here. We’re talking about writers, poets, engineers, everyone! You can sort the findings by relevance, distance, living and deceased persons. There’s a free version of this app and Wikihood People Plus, which relates people to global locations, cultural activity and related companies.

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GoatUp Your Way To The Top

How retro cute is this! In GoatUp you’re a little pixel-goat trying to “raise a family” by eating lots of grass and kissing the billy goat. While doing that you should keep jumping and be careful not to fall of the screen. Also: be wary of various enemies! It’s fun, not as easy as it sounds and definitely worth the 2 bucks if you are into retro graphics and tacky sound effects.

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When You Visit New York…

…and want to know what is going on in the city that never sleeps, download the iPhone app Goings On: The New Yorker! Search “By Location” or “By Date” take a look at the “Critics’ Picks” and manage your “Favorites”. The app is a little slow but resourceful and packs all the events in a cute individual design. The “guide to New York City culture” is free. And thanks to the integration of Google Maps you know where you’re heading.

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Save Web Sites As PDFs On Your iPhone

Print to PDF, designed for the iPhone and iPad, is very handy tool when you want to save a web page for later or to read an article offline.  Just open the site in Safari and tap the arrow at the bottom to bring up the menu options. Tap “Print” and choose “Print to PDF” as your printer. The app now saves the site and you can access it in Print to PDF. You can do the same with e-mails by the way (saves the whole conversation). Doesn’t work perfectly with all sites, but still a great archiving and offline utility. ($3.99)

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Find A Hotel Near You

Here is a good way to find a close hotel while you’re traveling. The free app lets your search a particular city or hotels near your current location. You can sort the results by price, popularity, review score, hotel type and other options. It also shows you the location via Google Maps and lets you mark your favourite hotels. Booking a room via the app is pretty straight forward and you can check current bookings.

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Great Multimedia e-Book

This multimedia version of Al Gore’s book “Our Choice” is a sweet adaptation for the iPhone and iPad. It uses video clips, photos, animations, graphics and audio to help you grasp the problem of global warming. The navigation is intuitive and easy to use. The app also gives you an idea what real e-Books can offer contrary to simple digital versions of paper books. Our Choice is $4.99 at the moment.

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Apple Is Watching You

In order to provide “location-based services” Apple may is collecting “precise location data, including real-time geographic locations” of iPhone users. And may share them with others. (You agreed to that when accepting Apple’s privacy policy, remember?) Thanks to iPhone Tracker (an open source application) you now have a much better idea what exactly that means. The tool finds the location logs in your iPhone backups and displays the collected data neatly on a map. You can’t prevent Apple from logging your locations, but at least you know what Apple knows :)

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Instant Translation

Worldictionary is one nifty app! Just point your iPhone camera at a printed word in a magazine and the tool will instantantly analyse and translate it. Accuracy and speed are pretty impressive. Worldictionary supports English, Spanish, French, Italian and German among other languages. The app uses Google for translations and needs an Internet connection. Tap on the word and it comes up with further information such as synonyms. It’s quite worth the $4.99.

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iPhone Photo Transfer App

Well, this got to be the easiest way to transfer pictures off your iPhone and onto your Mac or another iPhone or iPad. Start the app and follow the given IP-address in your browser on the Mac. Now select the pictures and videos on your iPhone you would like to transfer and they appear as full resolution download links in the browser. There is also an option to download the whole bunch as a ZIP-file at once. The thing is universal and sets you back $2.99.

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Visit The iAd Gallery

This is an app for people interested in advertising. Apple’s  iAd Gallery shows you all the latest iAds in one place. You can browse through new ads, search for brands, flick through categories or collect your favourites. Some of the campaigns are quite fun and interactive – like the BMW X3 ad. You can choose between different backgrounds, give the X3 your favourite colour or select the interior leather colour. And of course there are pictures and videos to go with. Nothing major, but entertaining (U.S. only).

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