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The App Store Hall of Fame

Apple just opened the doors to their shiny new App Store Hall of Fame. It presents the 50 “very best of the best” iPhone and iPad apps. No word on how Apple selects the “App Store Essentials” but the current 50 iOS apps are well known and popular. Among them: Angry Birds, Facebook, Flight Control, Pulse and Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals. Want to see Apple’s finest for yourself? Well, step inside, Sir!

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iOS 4.2: Stream Music from your iPhone & iPad

With iOS 4.2 coming to iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad anytime soon, there are several great features to look forward to. One of them is AirPlay. AirPlay means you can now stream almost any audio source from your iPhone or iPad to an AirportExpress, Apple TV or a stereo supporting Apple’s new streaming standard. The relevant apps will let you set your iPhone or WLAN as output and start streaming. It works with links in Safari, YouTube, Radio apps… you name it. Video played with VLC on the iPhone is out of sync though at the moment.

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VLC Player for iPhone

After bringing this awesome app to the iPad it was only a matter of time till a VLC version for the iPhone would be out. Here it is – playing different  formats like DivX movies, AVI containers and even HD MKV files. However the iPhone 3GS can’t handle the load of high definition video. The VLC Media Player supports MMS streaming (Microsoft Media Server) and the real time streaming protocol (RTSP). The app is free.

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VLC for iPad

The VLC player is the most comprehensive media player on the Mac. And finally the great tool makes it to the iPad. At the moment the app plays nice with avi, mkv, ts, mov, mp4, and m4v on the Apple device. Not bad, but the developers are promising support for “many more” formats.

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Almost Real: Headspin Storybook

Cute graphics and easy game play make this a great children’s app. Thanks to different sound effects (for example when flipping pages) this book feels almost real – with actual pop ups. You have to flip the objects on the right side to mirror the ones on the left in a limited amount of time. It’s for both iPhone and iPad ($0.99).

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Though this video player for the iPad and iPhone does not support many different formats yet, it’s a promising start. CineXPlayer brings Xvid and DivX support to your Apple mobile devices and does a fine job at that. The developers will integrate support for further video formats, so stay tuned. The version for the iPad sets you back 3.99 and the iPhone app is yours for 1.99 US$.

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Famous Books

The App presents a selection of unique historical books held by the Bavarian State Library (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek). It includes digital copies of 52 manuscripts of great works such as the Nibelungenlied, the Ottheimrich Bible, the Babylonian Talmud or Parzival. App price: free.

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Discover the World with Fotopedia Heritage

Visit the most impressive locations and look at breathtaking buildings around the world. Fotopedia Heritage shows you 890 UNESCO World Heritage Sites with thousands of pictures and short descriptions of the place. There is an app for the iPhone and iPad and they require an Internet connection. Free!

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Air Video

This nifty solution streams all sorts of video formats from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad. After installing the free required software on your computer and your iPhone you can set up a video folder which is accessible from the iPhone. Your Mac will convert the video live while streaming it (full screen) to the iPad or iPhone. The only downside to this is the massive CPU load it takes for streaming and converting the video file at the same time. Pretty cool though! App price: $2.99 or €2,39

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