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Fast And Stylish Offline Translation App

Languages contains up to 12 complete language dictionaries. You can download the ones you want, they’re included in the $0.99 price. After the download you have access to a well designed, easy to use offline translator, which searches for a word as soon as you start typing. It includes both languages (of the currently active dictionary) in the search – for example English-Spanish/Spanish-English. This makes finding a word quite fast even if you’re not sure how to spell it correctly. The only downside of Languages is the fairly limited vocabulary but that can grow, right?

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Check The Weather Quickly

Not another weather app, you may say. But its clean design and ease of use makes this my favourite weather app for now. Check the Weather features all the needed information within reach of a few swipes. On the main screen you have the current temperature and current weather conditions (like snowing, raining, sunny). A chart shows the temperature over the next few hours and there’s a two day forecast. Times for sunrise and sunset are on that page too. swiping to the right (actually half a swipe) gives you a forecast of the next twelve hours, swiping to the left a weather prediction for the following ten days. Check the weather is $1.99. Different design skins would be a nice bonus since this one is a bit peculiar.

The screenshot shows the main screen while being swiped to the left.

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Turn Your Mac mini Into Apple TV

Using a Mac mini as a media center connected to your TV is a great thing. There’s just one tiny hiccup: the missing AirPlay feature from Apple TV. Wouldn’t it be cool to wirelessly connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV for easy photo and video streaming or to play games? Plus with Mountain Lion you can also stream the screen of a Mac to your tube via Apple TV – it’s called “AirPlay Mirroring.” Well, AirServer solves that problem. Just install the $15-tool on your Mac mini and you’re set – no need to buy Apple TV. Works pretty well with iOS 6 and Mountain Lion.

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iPhone 5 LTE Specs & iOS 6 Feature Availability

Depending on where you buy your iPhone 5 (i.e. which mobile phone carrier) you will get different models with varying tec specs (LTE support). You will also have different iOS 6 features available (services like Siri), depending on the country you use the iPhone. At worst your iPhone will only work with the LTE network of some providers. (There are 3 different iPhone 5 models at the moment). So better make sure you know which one you’re buying! For a break down of the LTE capabilities of the iPhone 5, refer to this official Apple site. If you want to find out which iOS 6 services are supported in your country, make yourself familiar with Apple’s iOS 6 feature availability list.

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The New YouTube App for iPhone

So Apple kicked YouTube out of iOS 6. That didn’t stop Google from offering their own app, which you can find over here. It’s pretty well done: You have several categories to browse through and everything feels sweet ‘n’ snappy. Navigation is crisp, while content loads fast. Good job!

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The iPhone And Your Privacy (Concerns)

Smartphones collect a hell of a lot of data these days, the iPhone being no exception. There are a few things you can do though:

Limit Ad Tracking. Go to Settings, General, About, Advertising, Limit Ad Tracking –> “On”.

Location-based ads. Go for Settings, Privacy, Location Services, System Services, Location-Based iAds –> “Off”.

Diagnostics & Usage. If you don’t want Apple to collect “daily diagnostic and usage data to improve its products and services” you should turn off that feature too: Settings, Privacy, Location Services, System Services, Diagnostics & Usage –> “Off”. Also check: Settings, General, About, Diagnostics & Usage –> Don’t Send.

In iOS 6 you can now easily controll which app is accessing which services. Go to: Settings, Privacy and remove or grant access to your location, contacs, calendar, photos, bluetooth and more.

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iOS 6 Includes New Emoticons A.K.A Emoji 2

Apple has added a new set of emoticons – usually referred to as emoji 2 – to its latest iOS 6. This enables the popular chat symbols on the iPhone 3GS right to the iPhone 5. You might need a free app like Emoji Enabler to activate the first emoji set and emoji 2 keyboard on your iPhone. Once the secret emoticons are enabled, there are hundreds of smilies, animals and symbols at your fingertips.

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Easy WiFi Access At Airports With Skype Wifi

The app offers simplified access to over a million public WiFi hotspot around the world. You have to pay several cents per minute but you are online within a few taps. Skype WiFi (iPhone & iPad) uses your Skype account and Skype credit to go online. No need to register with each hotspot provider at airports, hotels, etc. and give them your credit card details. To use the service, click on a supported hotspot network and connect, make sure you have enough Skype credit! After 30 minutes auto disconnect kicks in but you can reconnect. If you want to stop surfing before the 30 minutes are up, you do that manually. Unfortunately not every WiFi provider is supported by the free app.

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Like Jazz? Check Out This Jazz Radio iPhone App

This public Swiss radio station streams classic Jazz music right onto your iPhone (or through iTunes for that matter – check out the website for details). And it does so without any fee on your side (unless you live in Switzerland) or advertising – a pretty good deal. If your are into that kind of music give it a shot and download their iPhone app fresh from the App Store!

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Easy File Exchange Between Mac And iPhone

Haven’t heard of Dropbox? It’s a free online storage. Something like Apple’s iCloud. The cool thing – apart from that lots of people use it already and it’s easy to set up – you can also use it to exchange files between your Mac and iOS device quickly. Just get the app for you iPhone (or iPad) and install the thing on your Mac too. The rest is simple drag-and-drop business and it goes both ways of course.

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Watch Live Television On Your iPhone

There are several ways to watch live television on your iPhone. One of them, with a fairly good assortment of channels, is FilmOn. The (free) app delivers BBC One and BBC Two, among many other TV stations from different countries, straight to your iOS devices. Give it a go, if you like. Dude, it even comes with a TV guide!

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Protect Your Data With The Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield for the iPhone is free to try and after a week you can chose to pay per month ($0.99) or for a whole year ($9.99). Your money will get you a secure (encrypted) VPN connection to a proxy server in the US. This means all data send via public hotspots (like e-mails and passwords) is secure. Plus you can sneak past geo-blocking websites and iPhone apps to access US-only content outside the United States. Hey, there’s a Mac version as well!

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abcNotes: Classic Sticky Notes On Your iPhone

This note taking app adds a cool “touch” to the digital world of the iPhone by making the Post-it notes seem almost real. You can move ‘em, rotate ‘em, scale ‘em and chose from all sorts of colours, shapes, fonts and backgrounds. abcNotes gives you a total of 15 virtual desktops to organise your notes. Other features include syncing to other iOS devices and export via e-mail). The universal app is yours for $2.99.

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The Beauty Of European Wildlife

Here’s a breathtaking collection of some 2400 wildlife pictures (including short descriptions of what you’re seeing). Thanks to Fotopedia Wild Friends you may enjoy all this animals and plants of the European continent on your iPhone or iPad. At the moment the app is even free. The initiative Wild Wonders of Europe wants to raise awareness for the “conservation of habitats and species for the health of the planet and for our own pleasure.”

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Best iPhone App Of 2011

Apple is publishing what they consider the “best apps and games of the year.” This includes best iPhone app 2011, best iPhone game 2011 as well as the best iPad apps. The title for the best iPhone app goes to Instagram, the best iPhone game of 2011 is Tiny Tower. The best iPad app according to Apple is Snapseed and Dead Space claims the title of the best iPad game of the year. Check out last year’s winners over here.

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Good-Looking AirPlay Speakers By Libratone

Pretty and pricey! The Libratone Lounge speaker (picture) and the smaller Libratone Live combine design, Apple’s AirPlay technology and punch. Both speakers come with a 150 Watt total. Which translates to 1x50W bass, 2x25W tweeter and 2x25W midrange. You can stream your music from iTunes, your iPhone or iPad sans cables to up to six speakers (depending on your WiFi). All this luxury doesn’t come cheap though. The Libratone Live sells for $699.95 and its bigger Lounge brother for $1,299.95.

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Check Your iPhone Storage

With thousands dozens of apps installed on your iPhone it is easy to lose track of which app is using how much of your precious iPhone space and secretly accumulating tons of data. You can keep track of (growing) apps by navigating to Settings/General/Usage. You’ll find a neat list of all your installed games and tools and their respective size in Gigabytes or Megabytes. With two taps you can remove (greedy) apps or the classic installed-long-ago-but-never-used apps.

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Improve Your Dictation With Siri

It is fun to find out all the things you can say to Siri. And if you activate Siri and tap on the small “i” a list pops up with useful commands to make appointments, send a text messge or search the Internet. Now Siri is a pretty good listener and if you tell her the right things, she will even get the details right. For example when you dictate an e-mail  and want to start a new line say: “New line,” for a new paragraph tell her: “new paragraph.” Or “caps on/caps off,” and things like “open parenthesis/closed parenthesis.” You get the drill. Find out about more commands over here.


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Create Your Own iPhone Vibration Patterns

iOS 5 offers quite a few ways to customise notifications, alerts and ringtones. Not only can you set a different ringtone for each contact in your address book (if you must), but assign an individual vibration pattern as well. How, you ask? Go to iPhone Settings, General, Accessibility and activate “Custom Vibrations.” Now head back to Settings, Sounds, Vibration. iOS 5 lets you “record” your own patterns by tapping the display in whatever rhythm you desire and save and assign your artsy work to a contact via the Address Book (Contact/Edit). Happy tap_ .. _ .. _!

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Funny Siri Answers

It’s only been a few days since the iPhone 4S arrived. But already Siri’s humor (you know – Apple’s new personal assistant) is the latest talk of the town web. Just ask Siri random things and often enough you will get funny and witty answers. For example if you inquire about Siri’s looks she (or he) might answer “Shiny” or “In the cloud, no one cares what you look like.” The site shit that Siri says is committed to collecting Siri’s funniest answers. If you don’t feel too weird talking to a machine try having a little “conversation” with Siri. Surprising what she comes up with. By the way if you ask Siri she will say that she has no gender. However depending on the language you choose you get a male or female voice. The American Siri is female, the British Siri is male, the Australian female, the German Siri female and the French Siri is male.

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iPhone 4S At A Glance

iOS 5, Siri, iCloud, iPhone 4S – there are plenty of new features to take in these days as an iPhone aficionado. Apple tries to make things easy and offers you a download of the official iPhone User Guide For iOS 5 via the iBook Store. The eBook apparently contains “everything you need to know” about the iPhone 4S.

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