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Fast And Stylish Offline Translation App

Languages contains up to 12 complete language dictionaries. You can download the ones you want, they’re included in the $0.99 price. After the download you have access to a well designed, easy to use offline translator, which searches for a word as soon as you start typing. It includes both languages (of the currently active dictionary) in the search – for example English-Spanish/Spanish-English. This makes finding a word quite fast even if you’re not sure how to spell it correctly. The only downside of Languages is the fairly limited vocabulary but that can grow, right?

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Swapping Files Between Mac OS X & Windows

Copying and transfering files between a Mac and a Windows PC can be frustrating. Especially when your file size exceeds 4GB, which means USB-Sticks and hard drives formattetd in MS-DOS FAT32 won’t work. But there’s a solution called ExFat (Wikipedia link). Your Mac can read and write on ExFat formatted drives (starting with Snow Leopard) and so can a Windows machine. The single file size is as good as unlimited. Just pop your drive or stick in to your Mac and open Disk Utility to format it in ExFat. You now have the perfect solution for swapping data between the two worlds – OS X and Windows.

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Check The Weather Quickly

Not another weather app, you may say. But its clean design and ease of use makes this my favourite weather app for now. Check the Weather features all the needed information within reach of a few swipes. On the main screen you have the current temperature and current weather conditions (like snowing, raining, sunny). A chart shows the temperature over the next few hours and there’s a two day forecast. Times for sunrise and sunset are on that page too. swiping to the right (actually half a swipe) gives you a forecast of the next twelve hours, swiping to the left a weather prediction for the following ten days. Check the weather is $1.99. Different design skins would be a nice bonus since this one is a bit peculiar.

The screenshot shows the main screen while being swiped to the left.

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