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Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

If you are the world travelling type who likes to take his Apple gear with him, you might be intersted in Apple’s World Travel Adapter Kit. The collection of six AC plugs has you covered in North America, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Korea, Australia, and Hong Kong. It works with the iPhone, iPad and your portable Mac. It’s yours for $39,00.

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Delete Wrong E-Mail Addresses In Apple Mail

The autocomplete feature (e-mail address completion) of Apple Mail is great, but if you’ve ever entered a wrong e-mail address, it haunts you forever. Here is how to set things straight: In Mail –> menu bar (at the top) select “Window” and go for “Previous Recipients.” A window will pop up which lets you search and delete or edit wrong e-mail addresses.

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Paranoid About RF Exposure, Still Want The iPhone 5?

If you are the kind of guy who is “interested” in mobile phone radiation and want the new iPhone 5, Apple has you covered. You’ll find the relevant RF Exposure Information, from transmit frequency to SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) ->right here<- including the legal limits (W/kg) set by the FCC. So now at least you know whats hitting you ;)

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iPhone 5 LTE Specs & iOS 6 Feature Availability

Depending on where you buy your iPhone 5 (i.e. which mobile phone carrier) you will get different models with varying tec specs (LTE support). You will also have different iOS 6 features available (services like Siri), depending on the country you use the iPhone. At worst your iPhone will only work with the LTE network of some providers. (There are 3 different iPhone 5 models at the moment). So better make sure you know which one you’re buying! For a break down of the LTE capabilities of the iPhone 5, refer to this official Apple site. If you want to find out which iOS 6 services are supported in your country, make yourself familiar with Apple’s iOS 6 feature availability list.

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The New YouTube App for iPhone

So Apple kicked YouTube out of iOS 6. That didn’t stop Google from offering their own app, which you can find over here. It’s pretty well done: You have several categories to browse through and everything feels sweet ‘n’ snappy. Navigation is crisp, while content loads fast. Good job!

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The iPhone And Your Privacy (Concerns)

Smartphones collect a hell of a lot of data these days, the iPhone being no exception. There are a few things you can do though:

Limit Ad Tracking. Go to Settings, General, About, Advertising, Limit Ad Tracking –> “On”.

Location-based ads. Go for Settings, Privacy, Location Services, System Services, Location-Based iAds –> “Off”.

Diagnostics & Usage. If you don’t want Apple to collect “daily diagnostic and usage data to improve its products and services” you should turn off that feature too: Settings, Privacy, Location Services, System Services, Diagnostics & Usage –> “Off”. Also check: Settings, General, About, Diagnostics & Usage –> Don’t Send.

In iOS 6 you can now easily controll which app is accessing which services. Go to: Settings, Privacy and remove or grant access to your location, contacs, calendar, photos, bluetooth and more.

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High Resolution Wallpapers Hidden In Mountain Lion

In case you are interested: Apple has hidden 43 additional Desktop pictures in the latest OS X. reports that you can find them in: /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.Framework/Versions/A/Resources/Default Collections/ They have a resolution of 3200 x 2000 and some are simply stunning.

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iOS 6 Includes New Emoticons A.K.A Emoji 2

Apple has added a new set of emoticons – usually referred to as emoji 2 – to its latest iOS 6. This enables the popular chat symbols on the iPhone 3GS right to the iPhone 5. You might need a free app like Emoji Enabler to activate the first emoji set and emoji 2 keyboard on your iPhone. Once the secret emoticons are enabled, there are hundreds of smilies, animals and symbols at your fingertips.

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The Ultimate File Browser For Your Network

If you are into home networking and ultimate file access using your iPhone or iPad, check out Files Connect! It connects to your Mac or PC and network shares like AFP, WebDav, SMB, SFTP, DropBox or Google Docs. If you have a hard drive attached to your Airport Extreme you can set up your own Internet cloud. How cool is that! Of course you may also browse your local network or connect to a Mac via the Internet. The configuration is straight forward. The file exchange could be improved …but works. You can upload and download all sorts of files. All this connectivity costs you $4.99.

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Create A Secure Dropbox Folder With BoxCryptor

Dropbox offers a simple way to exchange files between Macs, PCs and iPhones/iPads, store files in the cloud or back things up. BoxCryptor adds one great feature by offering you a secure, i.e. encrypted folder (well, volume actually) in your Dropbox. There’s a limited free application for Mac, PC and iOS if you use the service for private purposes only. BoxCryptor helps you to create a volume in your Dropbox (looks like a regular folder), set a password and then secures your files with an AES-256 encryption. That way only you can access the volume. This might be handy for storing private documents like a copy of your passport and other travel documents while circling the globe.

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Easy WiFi Access At Airports With Skype Wifi

The app offers simplified access to over a million public WiFi hotspot around the world. You have to pay several cents per minute but you are online within a few taps. Skype WiFi (iPhone & iPad) uses your Skype account and Skype credit to go online. No need to register with each hotspot provider at airports, hotels, etc. and give them your credit card details. To use the service, click on a supported hotspot network and connect, make sure you have enough Skype credit! After 30 minutes auto disconnect kicks in but you can reconnect. If you want to stop surfing before the 30 minutes are up, you do that manually. Unfortunately not every WiFi provider is supported by the free app.

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From Mountain Lion Back To Snow Leopard

So you want to downgrade from Mountain Lion back to Snow Leopard? Not happy with the latest OS X or some applications won’t run properly? Well, it ain’t pretty, but here is how…

You will need: A second Mac (with FW or TB port) running Snow Leopard, a Firewire or Thunderbolt cable, a Snow Leopard installer (DVD or image on the second Mac).

1. Bakup all your stuff, it’ll be gone! 2. Connect your Mac to the second Mac which is running Snow Leopard via Firewire or Thunderbolt. 3. Boot the Mac you want to downgrade into Target mode (press and hold T after startup chime). 4. Once the Mac shows up as an external hard drive in the Finder of the second Mac, delete/reformat the drive with Disk Utility. 5. Now start the Snow Leopard installer on the second Mac (DVD or image). Choose the external hard drive you just erased as the target and install Snow Leopard. Quite a bit of work but it does the trick. Thanks Apple for making it so easy, not!

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Stream Music Through Your Power Socket

Netgear is about to extend your AirPlay network with the Powerline Music Stream Box (German website). This means you can not only pump data through the power lines in your home but connect speakers to your Apple AirPlay network as well. (We are talking music streaming with iTunes or iPhone and iPad). The Powerline XAUB2511 comes with an Ethernet port and a USB port which talks to USB speakers and connects to a stereo using cinch cables too (adapter included). You may also use the USB 2.0 port to plug in a hard drive or a printer for easy network sharing. Price? 140 € for two Powerline adapters.

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Switch Application Languages On The Fly

Many applications for OS X are available in different languages. You can change your system language, including all program languages via System Preferences –> Language & Text (requires a user log-out). Language Switcher, however, can change the language of any single application of your choice (if the software comes in different languages, of course). Simply select the program and choose from the available languages. Language Switcher will restart the app in the desired language and lets you specify a default setting too.

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