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Keep An Eye On Your Home Network

iNet helps you to check which devices are connected to your home network, gives you their IP, MAC address and scans for active services. Not a tool everyone needs, but great for nerds, paranoid Mac users and network admins. There’s a free iPhone version (really quite limited) and the fully functional app for a steep $5.99.

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Take Voice Memos On The iPhone

This app provides one of the fastest ways to take a vocal note. Simply start VoCal and hold the iPhone to your ear as if you where placing a call. The tool will automatically start recording and stops as soon as you put your iPhone down. You may then set a time and date and VoCal will push and play the recording back to you. Fast and easy note taking for quite a hefty price tag of $6.99.

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Turn Your Mac Into A (Plex) Media Centre

Interested in transferring your DVD collection to a Mac for easier access and nicer presentation? The open source project – Plex – is the place too start. The free software effortlessly manages your movie library and streams your flicks not only on your home network to other Macs, but to the iPhone and iPad too (there’s an app for that, you know). You can also set up secure film streaming via the Internet. One way to move all your DVDs to your Mac while ensuring flawless streaming and picture quality is MakeMKV. There are many options for ripping and encoding DVDs, however, Plex, the MKV video format (and a Mac Mini) make a great team as a media center!

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The Ultimate Powerstation For Your iPhone

Ok, ok, it is pricey for a spare juice pack – $129.95 – to be precise. But it also says “ultimate” in the headline and the battery delivers a powerful 6000 mAh! Meaning you can finally start that trip around the globe without worrying all the time where to charge your iPhone. For some extra fun, the manufacturer throws in some dust and water resistance too. Meet the mophie juice pack powerstation® PRO over here. (The name is a bit overdone, I agree).

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Watch Live Television On Your iPhone

There are several ways to watch live television on your iPhone. One of them, with a fairly good assortment of channels, is FilmOn. The (free) app delivers BBC One and BBC Two, among many other TV stations from different countries, straight to your iOS devices. Give it a go, if you like. Dude, it even comes with a TV guide!

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Bluetooth Speaker And iPhone Charger

Not a bad idea, this Braven Bluetooth speaker. Because it not only enhances your sound experience when listening to music on the iPhone, but also charges the thing. Plus you can daisy-chain multiple speakers together for even more (surround) sound. There’s a shock resistant outdoor variant of the Braven six series available too. Prices range from $149.99 for the basic model up to $189.99 for the silvery version pictured above, promising up to 20 hours of wireless play time. For all technical details and colours head over to the company’s website.

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Trash Archives After Unpacking Automatically

Those ZIP-archives (and others) are surely useless, once unpacked. So why they aren’t moved to the bin by default, I do not know. However, here’s how to set things right: Just click on “Go” in the menu bar, then “Go to Folder…” and type in System/Library/CoreServices. Now open the Archive Utility and check out the preference settings of the app in question. In the settings you can opt for: After expanding: move archive to Trash. That’s it, one less thing to take care of on your Mac.

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