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Decent Storage for Mac Users

Here comes a great storage solution from Western Digital – decent size and nice design. The My Book Studio Edition II comes with 6 TB max and a variety of connections: FireWire 800/400, eSATA and USB 2.0. The thingy works with Time Machine, sports automatic backup software and supports several Raid configurations. The 6 TB storage sells for $550. There’s also a LAN-Version, The My Book World Edition II (price: $500 for 4 TB).

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Batch Rename Photos or Files

Sure, there are many ways of renaming multiple files on your Mac. But for those who don’t feel like messing around in the Terminal or fiddling with Automator, NameChanger is a handy solution. You have many options to rename photos in different ways and the image browser gives you an overview of selected pictures. The tool is donation ware.

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Apple Is Watching You

In order to provide “location-based services” Apple may is collecting “precise location data, including real-time geographic locations” of iPhone users. And may share them with others. (You agreed to that when accepting Apple’s privacy policy, remember?) Thanks to iPhone Tracker (an open source application) you now have a much better idea what exactly that means. The tool finds the location logs in your iPhone backups and displays the collected data neatly on a map. You can’t prevent Apple from logging your locations, but at least you know what Apple knows :)

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Instant Translation

Worldictionary is one nifty app! Just point your iPhone camera at a printed word in a magazine and the tool will instantantly analyse and translate it. Accuracy and speed are pretty impressive. Worldictionary supports English, Spanish, French, Italian and German among other languages. The app uses Google for translations and needs an Internet connection. Tap on the word and it comes up with further information such as synonyms. It’s quite worth the $4.99.

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MagicPrefs for Magic Devices

Mac useres unhappy with Apple’s meagre system preferences for the Magic Mouse, MacBook Trackpad (glass Trackpad only) or the Magic Trackpad may now turn to MagicPrefs for a solution. The gratis preference pane offers plenty of options to configure the input devices to your liking. Among different taps, clicks and gestures you can choose to invert scrolling, enable capslock notifications and speed up the tracking speed.

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iPhone Photo Transfer App

Well, this got to be the easiest way to transfer pictures off your iPhone and onto your Mac or another iPhone or iPad. Start the app and follow the given IP-address in your browser on the Mac. Now select the pictures and videos on your iPhone you would like to transfer and they appear as full resolution download links in the browser. There is also an option to download the whole bunch as a ZIP-file at once. The thing is universal and sets you back $2.99.

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Visit The iAd Gallery

This is an app for people interested in advertising. Apple’s  iAd Gallery shows you all the latest iAds in one place. You can browse through new ads, search for brands, flick through categories or collect your favourites. Some of the campaigns are quite fun and interactive – like the BMW X3 ad. You can choose between different backgrounds, give the X3 your favourite colour or select the interior leather colour. And of course there are pictures and videos to go with. Nothing major, but entertaining (U.S. only).

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NetPortal Offers Remote Mac Access

Probably one of the best ways to remotely connect to you Mac from your iPhone is through NetPortal ($2.99). You can view and save files from your Mac on the iPhone while on the go. Setup on your local network is easy! For a secure connection over the Interent you should know what you’re doing and check out the official setup guide!

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