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Sync Any Folder Via Dropbox

Here is a smart little helper to sync any folder on your Mac you wish through Dropbox. The free tool is called MacDropAny and creates a symbolic link, without actually moving files and folders. Setup is as easy as it can get. Start your download here. To stop syncing a folder, delete the folder inside your Dropbox folder on your Mac.

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Houzz, The Place For Interior Design Ideas

Are you are looking for home design ideas? Give Houzz a try! This app gives you over 100.000 photos and design ideas (ideabooks) to look at. You can browse this vast selection by style, room or location and mark your favourite pictures. It’s a great resource for inspiration and to develop your own ideas. Or simply enjoy and wipe through thousands of beautiful pictures. Houzz is free.

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Control your Mac with TeamViewer

Probably the easiest solution to remotely (i.e. via the world wide web) check and manage your Mac while sitting on another Mac or PC. TeamViewer is easy to set up (just install the thing on the two machines you want to connect) and it gives you a unique user ID plus password. Now you’re good to go. For private use the tool is even free!

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Mini DisplayPort to HDMI

You have a choice here! Two adapters, both connecting the Mini DisplayPort of your favourite Mac to the HDMI interface of your TV. The Moshi Mini DisplayPort to HDMI ($35) and the Kanex Mini DisplayPort to HDMI ($44.95) sport full HD 1080p and audio. The audio support only works with the latest Mac models of 2010. You better check that first!

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Articles – The Wikipedia App

Winner of the 2010 Apple Design Award and hundreds of four-and-a-half-stars ratings… this is a beauty! The perfect combination between clear appealing design and function. You can pick the language of articles, read recent articles offline and lock the rotation. There’s a chapter index, the text size is adjustable and you may save links to other articles for later. Absolutely worth 2.99 bucks.

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