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Thunderbolt: Fast And Flexible

With the latest MacBook Pro update Apple introduced the new high speed port Thunderbolt. It is designed by Intel and looks promising:

↯ Up to 10 Gbps of throughput in both directions (20 times faster than USB 2.0).

↯ Provides 10 watts of power to peripherals through electrical cables (Thunderbolt also supports optical cables).

↯ PCI Express is the technology behind this, linking up to six supported devices together (by daisy-chain). Supports data, video, audio, power.

↯ Provides native support for Mini DisplayPort displays. Also supports DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI and VGA using an adapter.

↯ Compatible with USB, FireWire 800 and FireWire 400, eSATA, Gigabit Ethernet (via adapters).

↯ Supports Target Disk Mode (boot capabilities not confirmed).

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Music à la WiFi2HiFi

Pretty self explanatory, right? WiFi2HiFi turns your iPhone into a wireless audio output for your Mac. All you have to do is download the free streaming server for Mac OS X and buy Wifi2HiFi for 99 cents. The setup via your WLAN is managed by the software. However, there is a streaming delay of four to five seconds. So this is really only for listen to music. Of course you may connect the iPhone to your stereo. So this thing lets your stream anything that iTunes via AirTunes won’t!

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Remote Mac Management

Looking to connect and control your Mac remotely (VNC)? There are several different ways! One is through another Mac on your local network. Just head over to your “System Preferences” –> “Sharing” and activate “Screen Sharing”. Now select “Computer Settings…” and tick “VNC viewers may control screen with password.” Set a password and you’re done! The Mac now shows up on your network list in the Finder of other Macs and you can control it like your own machine. The second control option is via your iPhone or iPad. For example with Remoter. If you want to connect to your Mac through the Internet (again using another Mac or iPhone) you have to know what you’re doing. There is a pretty detailed guide on this page. The easier road is through Hamachi. In case you need to control your Mac from a Windows machine, give Team Viewer a try! It’s free for private use and works like a charm.

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Remoter Controls Mac via iPhone

One of the best ways to control your Mac with your iPhone is Remoter. The app is pleasantly easy to set up. The Remote Desktop app (VNC) teams up with the Screen Sharing function build into Mac OS X (have a look in your system preferences under sharing). You can open/close applications or move files among many other things. Using Bonjour you’ll have your wireless desktop control running in seconds. Connecting through the Internet is slightly more tricky. You can find a tutorial over here. For $1.99 (currently 0.99) it’s a bargain!

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Create iPhone Ringtones

With a few clicks you can turn your favourite song into a ringtone for your iPhone:

1. Select a song in iTunes (if the file format is MP3 convert it to ACC by right-clicking on the selected song and choosing “Create AAC Version”).

2. Select the created AAC Version and press Cmd + i

3. Go to “Options” and check “Start Time” and “Stop Time”. Set the time code to the part of the song you want (30 seconds max).

4. Drag the song from the iTunes Library to your desktop and change the ending to .m4r

5. Now drag the renamed file back into iTunes and it will show up under “Ringtones” ready for the next iPhone sync.

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Living Earth HD…

…is another cute weather app. It also doubles as a world clock. You get a great high definition globe in 3D and once you add your preferred cities to the list, you see the local time and current weather conditions. The clouds are rendered in real time (with a three hour delay). A tap on the weather icon brings up the forecast for the next few days. Living Earth HD costs 1.99 and runs on the iPad too.

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20 Minute Meals

Great cooking app with easy and tasty recipes by Jamie Oliver. You get step by step instructions with text, pictures and videos. A shopping list is included and Jamie Oliver shows you in a special video section how to cut garlic, fry a steak and what you need to know about spices. All packed in an amazing app design. Probably one of the nicest apps out there – 20 Minute Meals ($7.99).

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Keep Track with TrailRunner

Feature rich application to plan and manage your workout routes, hiking trips and bicycle tours. You can import GPS data (GPX, TCX, KML) from your iPhone and other devices or your workout routes from the Nike+ Sportband. Create routes on your Mac and export them to your iPhone. TrailRunner supports services like Google Earth, openStreetMap and sites such as and  It also handles GPX and Polar HMR data and keeps track of your workout schedule. TrailRunner is Freeware.

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iPhone Configuration Utility

This piece of software lets you create, maintain, encrypt, and install configuration profiles on one or several iPhones. Administrators can install provisioning profiles and authorized applications. iPhone Configuration Utility is also useful to edit settings for VPN, Wi-Fi, APN and change parameters for Exchange accounts, mail settings, and certificates. Licence: Freeware

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