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All-Time Top iPad Apps

Not only for the iPhone, but for the iPad too did Apple release a ranking of the all-time paid and free apps. SoundHound, FlightTracker, BlocksClassic and GoodReader lead the field when paid iPad apps are concerned. Pandora (again), Movies by Flixster, Fandango Movies and Remote can be found among the top free apps on the iPad.

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Secure Easy VPN-Network

Thanks to the help of LogMeIn Hamachi Mac users (hey, Windows and Linux users too!) can set-up a secure private network (VPN) over the Internet in seconds. After installing the Hamachi client it takes one click to start the software and another click to create a network. Everyone on the world wide web who knows your network name and password can now connect to your computer as if they were in the same local network. LogMeIn Hamachi is free for private use. Also works with Apple’s Screen Sharing feature.

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All-in Pedometer

Using the iPhone’s tilt sensor All-in Pedometer counts your steps while you walk or run. The app further calculates the distance you’ve covered as well as the speed and the calories you burned. It might not be the most precise way of measuring these parameters, but it works fairly well and keeps you motivated. One big setback though: All-in Pedometer doesn’t work in background mode. $1.99

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A BetterTouch On The MagicMouse

Most people are happy with their Magic Mouse, but wouldn’t it be cool to add more touch control features? BetterTouch gives you just that option. After installing the little (free) tool you get a plethora of customisable touch gestures. You can add taps and swipes and clicks to Apple’s magic Mouse to execute shortcuts, start applications and control your Mac. The possibilities are almost endless!

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Create A Powerline Network

Some people are just not into wireless networks or have annoying receptions issues. If you’re one of them the Powerline XAV2501 from Netgear might be your solution. It’s a bit bulky but provides decent network speeds of up to 200 Mbit/s and gives you back the power socket it uses to pump the Internet through your electric wires. A push on the button on the side encrypts your local network and keeps your data from neighbours with a similar system. The price for two XAV2501 Powerline adapters is roughly 70 bucks. The manufacturer doesn’t say how many units you may connect. On the good side the power consumption is really low when the thing is active or in standby mode!

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