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Top 10 iPhone Apps 2010…

…selected by! It’s a tough call, but this are the top 10 iPhone apps for (not of) 2010. The selection process is simple: Used regularly, elegant design and ease of use.

20 Minute Meals (beautiful cook book, great recipes and kitchen essentials)

Picture Show (gives you lots of editing options for your pics)

AVPlayer (if you really want to watch a movie on the iPhone this is the app you need).

AutoStich (stitches photos to awesome panoramas together)

Awesome Note (take notes, organise projects and thoughts).

miCal (view your entries by day, week, month or year, many settings)

WhatsApp (send texts, pics, videos and locations to all major mobile platforms)

Navigon Navigator (great turn-by-turn navigation)

Convert (converts all units you could wish for)

CityMaps2Go (offline street maps for city trips abroad).

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Save Almost Any Video Stream

There are a number of plug-ins promising to save video streams on YouTube and other streaming sites. However there’s another simple reliable solution. Just open the stream in Safari, select “Window” –> “Activity” from the menu bar. In the activity window look for the largest stream (just go by Megabytes) and copy and paste this line into the “Downloads” window which you find by selecting “Window” from the top menu again. That’s it – you’re now downloading the file.

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Control iTunes with iPhone

Remote gives you control over iTunes using your iPhone. Pair the two on your wireless home network and you can adjust the volume, play and pause the current song or chose a different album. Very useful when your stereo is connected to your Mac or you’re using Apple’s Airport Express to stream music to different rooms. Remote is free.

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Create Great Panoramas with AutoStitch

It’s easy and fun! Take as many overlapping pictures with your iPhone as you like, add them to AutoStitch Panorama and tap “stitch”. The App takes care of the rest (rendering is pretty fast) and crops the final result to a perfect picture. Really the best way to create impressive panoramas on the go if you ask me. $1.99 well spent!

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Hidden GSM Codes on iPhone

Depending on your provider, there are many hidden network features you can use on your iPhone. For example you can set different time delays till your mailbox answers a call. You can also check your account balance or inclusive minutes. Just type in the GSM codes as if you where dialing a number on the iPhone. Some features need confirmation by pressing the call button. There are many codes out there. TUAW collects a useful list for US networks. In Germany T-Mobile provides a special page for their customers.

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Apple Lists Top Apps of 2010

Our favorite tech company has just released the top apps of 2010 for the iPhone and iPad. You can browse by top free apps, top paid apps and top grossing apps. Hipstamatic, Angry Birds and Facebook are sitting at the top. But check out the hot stuff of each category for yourself in iTunes.

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Apple RSS Feeds

Are you keen on news from Apple? Then head right over to their extensive collection of rss feeds. You find feeds for the iTunes Store, Apple hot news, developer connection, troubleshooting, seminars, the App store and other topics. There is something for every Apple user – see for yourself! You can use most browsers or one of the many free rss readers out there to subscribe.

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Picture Cookbook

With this app you get a great selection of 80 mostly light (and many Asian) recipes. All ingredients and cooking steps are beautifully photographed. The text is purely a backup. The app also explains the used food ingredients and spices. It looks best on the iPad of course but works on the iPhone too. The Photo Cookbook is well worth $4,99 if your like cooking. Trust me!

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MVG FahrInfo

Die offizielle App der Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft ist erstaunlich gut gelungen. MVG FahrInfo führt auf Wunsch eine Ortsbestimmung durch und zeigt dem Nutzer die nächstgelegenen Haltestellen und Verbindungsmöglichkeiten. Neben den Stationen kann man auch direkt nach Straßennamen suchen. Mit der Funktion Augmented Reality zeigt die App durch das Live-Bild der iPhone-Kamera Straßennamen und andere Informationen an. Preis: kostenlos

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