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VLC for iPad

The VLC player is the most comprehensive media player on the Mac. And finally the great tool makes it to the iPad. At the moment the app plays nice with avi, mkv, ts, mov, mp4, and m4v on the Apple device. Not bad, but the developers are promising support for “many more” formats.

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Almost Real: Headspin Storybook

Cute graphics and easy game play make this a great children’s app. Thanks to different sound effects (for example when flipping pages) this book feels almost real – with actual pop ups. You have to flip the objects on the right side to mirror the ones on the left in a limited amount of time. It’s for both iPhone and iPad ($0.99).

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PictureShow does all Sorts of Effects

For the price of 1.99 US$ you get plenty of filters and effects for quick photo editing on your iPhone. PictureShow comes with almost 30 pre-defined photo styles or you can play with brightness, noise and vignette adjustments yourself. There are 20  frame styles to try and finally you can use the text editor to put a message on your picture.

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Say Hello to FaceTime for Mac

Apple just released a handy piece of software. It enables Mac users to have a video conference with iPhone 4 and iPod touch owners via WiFi. You simply have to register an e-mail with Apple which is used by iPhone 4 users to call you on your Mac. After that FaceTime is up and running so you can see and talk with friends on their sweet mobile device. The service is still “in beta” but who cares?

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NeoOffice, OpenOffice, Bean

Mac users have a growing number of decent (free) Office Suites available to them. With OpenOffice and NeoOffice being the most powerful and feature rich solutions. But there are other, smaller writing tools like Bean. They all support the latest Microsoft Office file formats (like .docx). In the end you have to check them out yourself to find out which one you like the most.

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miCal – A Great Calendar App

The app store offers many different calendar apps with many different features. miCal brings a lot of these functions together. The best part about miCal: you have a day view, a week view, a month view and one for the whole year. Plus it shows you your upcoming events in a separate window. There is also a build in search to find every appointment. The app works with all supported calendars on the iPhone, shows you the week numbers and reminds you of upcoming events. miCal is well worth its 1.99 price tag!

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Looking for… ⌘ ☃ ☂ ☕ ✂ ☛ ♻ ℃ …Symbols?

If for some reason you need characters and symbols – here is how to use them on your Mac:

Go to “System Preferences”, “Input Sources” and tick “Unicode Hex Input” as well as “Keyboard & Character Viewer”.

You should now have a flag symbol sitting in your menu bar and the option to show the “Character Viewer”. There you go, all the symbols you could wish for!

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Though this video player for the iPad and iPhone does not support many different formats yet, it’s a promising start. CineXPlayer brings Xvid and DivX support to your Apple mobile devices and does a fine job at that. The developers will integrate support for further video formats, so stay tuned. The version for the iPad sets you back 3.99 and the iPhone app is yours for 1.99 US$.

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Great Converter: MPEG Streamclip

Here comes another video converter which handles most  video  formats out there. Between HandBrake, Flv Crunch and ReduxEncoder, this is probably the most versatile of them all. MPEG Streamclip deals with MPEG, VOB, PS, M2P, MOD, VRO, DAT, MOV, DV, AVI, MP4, TS, M2T, MMV, REC, VID, AVR, M2V, M1V, MPV, AIFF, M1A, MP2, MPA, AC3 and MKV. DivX and WMV are supported through plug-ins. This great player, editor, encoder and converter is free.

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As the name implies, this program keeps track of all computers Apple builds. Mactracker includes detailed information on many sorts of things: Processors, components, year built and expansion slots. Useful if you need to find out which type of RAM and how much you can fit in your machine. Or which graphics cards are supported, in case you want to upgrade it. All that information comes free and you can have it in an iPhone app as well!

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