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The Radeon 5770 works fine with your Mac Pro 1.1

Don’t want to let go of your good ol’ first generation Mac Pro (Intel) just yet? But need to connect one or two new Apple Cinema Displays via Mini DisplayPort? The Radeon 5770 is for you. It’s affordable (US$ 249) and runs smoothly in the Mac Pro 1.1 though this combination is not officially supported by Apple. The cpu speed gain for 3D rendering is marginal (Cinebench says 2.92 compared to 2.79 with the GeForce 7300 GT). But OpenGL performance and HD video playback do improve noticeably. Well, it’s your choice, the thing works!

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This little vertical scrolling shooter wins the player over by its easy and responsive tilt control. The 3d graphics are enjoyable too and you have several options to upgrade your weapons. If only AirAttack had more missions! All this fun for one us-dollar or 0,79 euro-cents.

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Add Artwork to Radio Stream in iTunes

For some unknown reason Apple doesn’t allow you to add artwork to radio streams in iTunes. But there is a way around it: Select the radio stream and press Cmd + i. Next give the stream an album name. After that you chose any song or audio file (for example an empty voice note) and give that file the same album name. You can now add a cover to this audio file and it will also be added to the radio stream. Remember to tick “Part of a compilation each time”.

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Famous Books

The App presents a selection of unique historical books held by the Bavarian State Library (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek). It includes digital copies of 52 manuscripts of great works such as the Nibelungenlied, the Ottheimrich Bible, the Babylonian Talmud or Parzival. App price: free.

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Broadcast Video Cards for Mac

Connecting preview monitors and other professional video equipment via SDI or HDMI to your Mac Pro can be pricey. Blackmagic’s DeckLink Series offers a welcoming inexpensive alternative. The PCI express cards support SD and HD and start from US$ 295 (SDI only). If you want HDMI support too the DeckLink Studio will set you back US$ 695.

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Relaxing Ambiance

Chill out time! This app brings you relaxing sounds of the rain forest, birds, and ocean waves. There are hundreds of free ambiance recordings to chose from and the sound quality is pretty decent when you’re using your headphones. Wakes you up or helps you to fall asleep. Also lets you manage your sound library so it doesn’t take too much space. Supports multitasking. Price tag: $2.99

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eBay on the Go

Selling and buying stuff on eBay? You should consider this app! With eBay you can keep an eye on our own auctions and the items you are watching. Plus the app sends you push notifications when auctions are about to end so you can check your bid. Quite useful and with no price tag.

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Mili iPhone Case with Battery

The Mili Powerspring offers protection and extra energy for your iPhone 4. With a capacity of 1600mAh it gives you an extra 6 hours of talk time. The charging time of the integrated battery is 4 hours and all in all it doesn’t look too bad, does it? Aprx. 85 US-Dollars. Or maybe you prefer the juice pack air by Mophie?

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Run Windows in a VirtualBox

Mac users looking to run Windows or Linux on their Mac have several commercial options. There is also Boot Camp, Apple’s own (free) solution. VirtualBox however is a great open source alternative. You can run most major versions of Windows in a program window just like any other application and it’s fast. The software supports shared folders to exchange files between Mac OS X and Windows. Instead of shutting down Windows you have the option of saving the current state, which reduces start up and shut down times. It’s easy to set up, just make sure you install the guest additions/extension pack.

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Discover the World with Fotopedia Heritage

Visit the most impressive locations and look at breathtaking buildings around the world. Fotopedia Heritage shows you 890 UNESCO World Heritage Sites with thousands of pictures and short descriptions of the place. There is an app for the iPhone and iPad and they require an Internet connection. Free!

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