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Wake or Sleep your Mac

It’s no secret, but many Mac users forget about it. If you go to “system preferences”, “energy saver” you’ll find this option to schedule start up, wake or shut down times for your Mac. Useful if you don’t want to let your Apple machine running all night. Or to set up specific times while you’re away and might need to access your computer remotely.

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NotifyMe 2 the Simple Version

Less is sometimes more. There are hundreds of  to-do-apps out there for the iPhone. This one hast two things to it: It pushes the reminders locally, meaning it doesn’t require an Internet connection and it has a clean interface, no fancy settings menu that takes an hour to master, but just enough customisation for your appointments and reminders. Requires iOS 4. US$ 2.99

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Growl – know what’s going on

The ultimate notification utility for your Mac. Growl can be annoying if not configured properly, but is quite useful if you tell it exactly what to do and when. Growl uses bezels (customisable pop up bubbles) to let you know all sorts of things. For example who that e-mail is from so you don’t have to check your e-mail program all the time or when your ftp upload is ready. There is hardly anything on your system you can’t get Growl to tell you about. If you think you need this, check it out – it’s open source.

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Micro for iPhone and iPod

Tiny microphone which plugs into the 3.5 mm headset socket of your iPhone or iPod (probably works with the iPad too). Useful if you take a lot of voice memos, because it starts your recording app right away (for example iTalk Recorder or Easy recorder) and you can put the iPhone in front if you on a table. The Eforcity Mini Microphone Recorder is yours for 6 bucks.

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Road Trip details Car Costs

Road Trip helps you to keep an eye on your car costs. Feed it with details such as the services and inspections you make and every time you fill up the gas. The app will give you an average of your daily and monthly costs and the estimate for the whole year. It also breaks the information up into costs per kilometre or litre. Not included though is the decreasing value of your automobile.

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Easy Websites with KompoZer

Weird name, but helpful software. KompoZer is an easy option if you want to create a simple web site but have no knowledge of HTML etc. With an interface similar to a text editor you can design a page with a few clicks, insert pictures and upload your results to a web server. You probably won’t win a design award, but for some projects it might do the job. It’s free!

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Apple Battery Charger

This is Apple’s answer to all the batteries you need to power your Cupertino designed accessories. For example the Magic Mouse, Wireless Keyboard and the the Magic Trackpad. The charger comes with six rechargeable (NiMH) batteries and Apple promises  they hold a charge “for an incredibly long time”. Well, for US$ 29 it’s not even that expensive and you can fill up your batteries in style!

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Wikihood shows you the Neighbourhood

This is probably one of the most useful apps out there. It’s a travel guide based on Wikipedia. Just type in a city and you get lots of information on historic and current buildings, interesting places and famous people. Or you can use the GPS of your iPhone to find out about stuff right around you. You may chose between different languages and there are many pictures too. If you are abroad and want to use Wikihood offline, simply pick a city and download the guide. There is a free version and a paid pro version for $4.99. If you find this interesting take a look at Wikihood People!

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This app is for the sporty type of reader. It gives you lots and lots of exercise options for your arms, back and other parts of your body. It offers different routines (Beginner, Abdominal, Weight Loss) and you can add your own workouts. iFitness tracks your progress according to your body measurements and more. Price: $1.99/€1,59

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Hotmail on your iPhone

Hotmail  accounts are popular. Even Mac users are happy with Microsoft’s free e-mail solution. If you are one of them and want to set it up on your iPhone, here is how: Select “add a new e-mail account” (pop3) on your iPhone. Enter your details and use the following server settings. Incoming server: (port: 995). The outgoing server is (port: 25). SSL is supported and you should authenticate with your password.

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