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Always looking for great new places to eat? Foodspotting might be of help here. It’s based on a community, where users take pictures of a dish they had and want to recommend to others. The free app locates your position and shows you the “photo reviews” of the nearest places. Delicious! Of course you can upload your own pictures too.

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A Bean for writing

There are many word processing tools for Mac users out there. Microsoft Word, NeoOffice and Open Office being the most prominent. But if you are looking for a small, lightweight writing solution Bean might just do it for you. It’s simple open source and handles Word (doc and docx), the rtf-format and .odt. So you are covered regarding different file formats. The novel you have to write yourself.

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Airport Express

Apple’s Airport Express has been around for quite some time now. But it is still a great solution for streaming music wireless from iTunes to your stereo system. Or to integrate a printer into your home network. The little white brick can also feature as a router when you are traveling and want to set up a wireless network somewhere. It supports the latest “n”-draft. Get the Airport Express for 99 US-dollars or 89 euros (German store) if you like.

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Always wanted to be a Hip Hop star – this is your chance! iAmBeatBox is a fun iPhone app to create your own personal beat within seconds (just by moving the four diamonds). Get it free and give it a try. If you want to save your creative work though, you have to pay for it.

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Take screenshots in Mac OS

Take a picture of the whole screen: command + shift + 3 (command = ⌘-key).

Take a picture of a part of the screen: command + shift + 4

Take a picture of a program window: command + shift + 4 + space

Screenshots are saved to your desktop as PNG files. You can also use the system tool “Grab” for screenshots. It’s located in the utilities folder.

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coconutBattery Gives You The Details

Helpful battery tool, which lets you know everything there is to know about your MacBook’s juice pack. coconutBattery gives you the current maximum capacity in relation to the original capacity. It also tells you about the battery’s load cycles and about the age of your Mac. Free!

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City Maps 2Go

Roaming abroad with the iPhone is usually very expensive. So when you might need the useful Google Maps App most, it is not available. This is where City Maps 2Go comes in. You can download their maps while at home or on a free Wi-fi and use them offline. The maps cover many cities though not as detailed and advanced as the Google service. The good thing though: Buy the app for $1.99 or €1,59 and you can download as many maps as you like.

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iNet WOL

iNet WOL puts your Mac to sleep, wakes it up or shuts it down remotely over your home network. Now in order to do that it requires a few things. First the Mac needs to be connected to your network via an Ethernet-cable. (Sleep mode, reboot and shutdown work with Wi-Fi too). If you want to control your Mac via the Internet as well, you have to configure your router accordingly. (And you should know what you’re doing). The App comes with instructions and has a price tag of  $1,99 or €1,59

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Helsing’s Fire

The game play of Helsing’s Fire is based on shadow and light. So the main weapon to deal with enemies is a torch. Placing the torch well and using a combination of toxic cocktails will do the trick. The player is taking side of a professor and his assistant to deal with rats, vampires and monsters send by Dracula. Simple but fun game with cartoonish elements. $0.99 or €0,79

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Mactracker for iPhone

As the name implies, this app keeps track of all Macs and devices Apple builds. Mactracker includes detailed information on many sorts of things: Processors, components, year built and expansion slots. Useful if you need to find out which type of RAM and how much you can fit in your computer. Or which graphics cards are supported in case you want to upgrade it. All that information comes free and there is a version for the Mac too!

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